According to Linda Bujoli, photography unveils the body, and sculpture encloses it. On the other hand, photographs are physically impenetrable, whereas sculptures can be touched and walked around. The artist explores this paradox further in Land Me, a multi-sensory project, including a sound piece specially composed by Air.

At the heart of this installation stands a bronze alloy resin sound sculpture for which she posed, having her body digitized, much as the movements of so-called ‘virtual actors’ are laser-scanned for the purposes of 3D animation movies. The resulting female nude figure is depicted leaning on a hard-edged cubic form linked to her womb. Does this shape, which is ‘in reality’ a speaker, have a particular message or meaning? Some would label it as a ‘masculine’ symbol, but – as always – I like to leave my work open to interpretation.

The (11 x 11 inches / 28 x 28 cm) cube at the center of the nude figure doubles as an integrated stereo amplifier, while the plinth at its feet provides easy-access USB, DS, iPhone, Bluetooth and auxiliary input. Also equipped with a CD player, the sculpture, contains custom-made speakers emitting audiophile quality sound.

Technical specifications: Bandwidth 39- 22000 Hz – Max. power 100 W – Sensitivity 93 db/w/m

image sculpture I
image sculpture II
image sculpture III

LAND ME - SOUND SCULPTURE – including the original soundtrack composed by AIR - 2012

Bronze alloy resin
Polyurethane airbrush coating
31.5 x 15.7 x 30.3 inches (80 x 40 x 77 cm)
Ed 1/ 8