Linda Bujoli presents a body of work, which propels us from photography, to sculpture and sound, via a unique collaboration with internationally renowned electro duo, Air (Nicolas Godin and Jean-Benoît Dunckel).

While artists having received a more formal training in the fine arts, often acquire an understanding of bodily gravity and learn to reproduce the play of light and shadow on human figures, by studying anatomy and life drawing, the author of Land Me took a less conventional route, gaining a sense of light, volume and movement, first as a model, then as a photographer.

In the spirit of the ‘rayographs’ of another former fashion and portrait photographer, the Dadaist painter and multimedium artist Man Ray, who pushed the limits of photography, also considering light to be his chief medium, Linda Bujoli’s silver-based works, featuring streamlined female nude bodies, sculpt light itself and beckon the onlooker to embark on an inner odyssey, totally open to personal interpretation.

image Land Me I
Land Me I
image Land Me II
Land Me II
image Land Me III
Land Me III
image Land Me IV
Land Me IV
image Land Me V
Land Me V
image Land Me VI
Land Me VI
image Land Me VII
Land Me VII
image Land Me VIII
Land Me VIII
image Land Me IX
Land Me IX
image Land Me X
Land Me X
image Land Me XI
Land Me XI
image Land Me XII
Land Me XII


31.5x31.5 inches ( 80x80 cm)
49.2x49.2 inches ( 125x125 cm)
Ed 1/5
Ed 1/3