The next step was to gather together the various facets of this body of work, in a perfectly crafted limited edition, incorporating a vinyl picture disc, and produced in association with the Imprimerie Nationale, aircheology, EMI and revolvair publishing.

Presented in a black LP-sized folder Linda Bujoli’s multi-sensory concept consists of an unbound Rives vellum portfolio booklet comprising an inkless relief of the Land Me sculpture embossed on its cover, along with English and French versions of a text by Catherine David (meticulously handset, in a specially conceived 14-point Didot typeface). It also includes a thirteenth collotype, completing the series of 12 photographs featured in the installation, and a vinyl record of an unreleased sound piece, 8 minutes and 13 seconds long, composed by Air, with vocals by Guillemette Foucard.

Published on November 30, 2012, the project was executed at the Imprimerie Nationale’s art book and print workshop, headed by its CEO Didier Trutt.

image art book I
image art book II
image art book III
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